Monday, February 28, 2005

Gold Stars and Queer Notions. Is there really a point? Probably not.

What The Fuck?!?
The Oscars As A Major Headline At 4:30 in the Morning.
MSNBC:Iraq Blast Kills Dozens 4:34 AM
NYT: Real Headlines in Bold
USA Today:Iraq Car Bombs
Washington Post:Next To No Distinction From Other Headlines
NBC News: Oscars Hidden Headline!!!

Well, what the fuck is going on with the news world. A friend of mine told me that modern news is BS and I agreed. Shit just look at the above. The goddamned Oscars were the biggest headline of the night. I know that the people of the world want to know, but Jesus. Why? Will it fucking matter in a year if "Million Dollar Baby" was even made? I don't know. I haven't seen it. All I do know is that there so much going on the world and we choose to watch famous people get statues and we love it. If it's not famous people it's people who could be famous if Paula Abdul likes them. Just out of curiosity do you think that anytime soon there will be a show about smart people?
On tonight's American Brain...can they prove they know more than someone else....? Shit. The probably lost point being that maybe it would be nice for a change for celebrity to shift into something useful like intelligence and real thought. Fuck, if these people can make William Hung a celebrity why not make someone who has studied all their life to grasp something and know things a celebrity. We could then maybe inspire the kids to want to know more instead of leaving the house everyday dressed like Britney Fucking Spears.
Sorry, I got off the point there, but that had to be said. I think the biggest thing we need to worry about is making that the new breed of parents puts a goddamn end to it. Don't let you children be whores even if they might feel alienated. There is no reason for it. Are you that desperate for the approval of people who will probably hate you tomorrow anyway. I am still talking to the parents. You children are young. Teenagers will hate you on a moments notice regardless. That is how teenagers are. It will happen. So, why not give them a legitimate reason to hate you and tell them that they shouldn't leave the house looking like (plug in random whore both male and female) and then tell them why. You know how kids think. Explain to them why sexy probably isn't the best thing when they are 13. You can do it and if you ask me (and you probably wouldn't ever) you should. It's your obligation. You are the parent. Remember that you created that child and that whatever they go through in life you are at least partly responsible. You created them. They had no choice. You need to guide them. Show them the way and quit fucking around.
Keep in mind that this doesn't come from television or magazines. I am talking about the KIDS that I see every day in the world and so on. Girls with short shirts and pants that outline their vaginas better than most diagrams and boys that just want to get into those pants and really can now that the girls are willing. Sex is bad for kids. Don't enable them to sell it to each other just because they will bitch and moan about looking stupid in front of the other kids. GROW SOME BALLS PARENTS!!! They will thank you for it later. Just don't cave in. Make them be better people.
That is your job.
Who the fuck knows? Maybe I am just a bitter person. I am the type of person that will sooner burn a Valentine than give a shit. Valentines are another useless piece in the facade that is humanity's play. I have never understood them. Even as a child I wondered what the point was. Yes, I was the kid who didn't any that weren't required, but I think that in retrospect that taught me a few things. I have learned not to take genuine affection for granted. The cards I got were stupid to me. They were required. I have no romantic idea about any of them coming to me under the guise of requirement hiding unrequited love. I never tried to tell myself that love. I never questioned the lack of love behind them. Now my opinion has become something different. Now I try to let the people that I love know it all the time instead of getting so wrapped up in my life that I need a designated holiday to tell me that at least once a year I have to remember. To me, that's cheap. That's like fucking the girl that is still drinking when most everyone has either has either passed out or gone home. Sure it's kind of good to just get off, but we all know that you are praying that either she or he is too drunk to remember in the morning or that they at least have the decency not to talk to you when everyone is awake. Yeah, boys and girls it really is that fucked up. Most of us have done it, but very few of us are willing to talk about it at the time and most of the time the only time it will ever come up is in the middle aged "That party was so fucked up" stories. Get over it goddammit. You are still the same pervert you always were and wrinkles will never change that. Get over it.
Maybe the whole world needs to realize that. Just fucking get over it.
Think about this. The only that will really make a difference in the world is the sun expanding and destroying it in a few billion years. Everything else is just details.

Random Questions You Might Want To Think About:
How much do you really think your birthday is worth to anyone else but you?
How much are your friends worth if you always rely on them being there even when you fuck
Is there really a point to (plug in something) history month? Aren't there just a few people
out there who really want to learn anything, much less a singular history?
Isn't symbolism stupid?
Is there any point to tradition and if so, what?

Well, I think that I have laid enough shit on the table for now. I'm not sure I can even answer all the questions I just asked. I guess that means it's time to. I don't know where this started, but I guess I know where it should end. I'm going to finish this drink and have another cigarette and then hopefully I will be compelled to go to bed. Have fun and think about all this. Please?

Shan Froman

"No one wants to hear you preach."


Anonymous lounge daddy said...

Ya – young ladies don’t need to be wearing that crap; and even if kids-r-us is selling those “brit spears” brand crotchless pants doesn’t mean parents should buy them for their kids

And the news is a mess – how many fundraisers are covered for the tsunami victims? And Hollywood will climb aboard every time. Yet we STILL have homes in florida with no roofs from last year’s slew of hurricanes.
You know, MAYBE we should take care of our own first… but I guess the hurricane was SOOOOO last year that big news forgot, even though the clean up isn’t finished.

2/28/2005 10:37 AM  

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