Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I Bet This Will Wreck What Little Credibility I Will Ever Have....Shit!

December 10, 1999

Emptiness fills up the rest of my bed
Music fills up my lonely head
I won’t open the curtains
Bright light
Pounding head
Too much of this scene would leave me dead
Sleep eludes me
So does a civil tone
Music throbs in the distance
Humming the pounding in my headblood
The heat of this blanket
Flips me over
Spreads me around
Going in through the out
Head colored green and throbbing red and black
Animals lingering in the distance
Soon floating in the air
Inspiration in our lungs
Seedy rhythms in out loins
All this time the clock kicks forward
Abusing me like the ugliest prisoner in the Vagabond Hotel
Soon I’ll be on and I’ll throw them off
Screaming meanings
Useless meanings
Valued in that useless, deprived time
Baggy shirt and dirty pants
Useless attempting and militant chants
Been here before
Use the pills like a whore
Caffeine dreams
Ephedrine steam
Load me up, I’m lost again
Sick to my stomach
Sick of my head
To much of this will make me dead
I cannot help it
I have... responsibility
My body won’t comply
My brain is running dry
Funky brain drunk melody
Combines the smoke and the uselessness of this calamity
Catchy rhyme (tunes alive)
Burning time ( time to hide)
Feeling sick
It’s time to go
I’ll just stick it in the radio


Blogger Bald Jason said...

It's lovely. I wish you shared more of your work.

3/03/2005 2:34 AM  

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