Friday, December 05, 2008

How Does Shawn Speak So Much Without Saying A Thing? "You Just Have To Listen Carefully."

In the middle of a massively snowy night I am. It has been snowing here for like the last day and a half or something like that. I don't know how much has actually accumulated, but I know that according to the weather there are places west of here along the coast that have picked up 14 inches of snow. Holy shit Batman!!

Things are going good here so far, other than that. We have now gotten everything unpacked and where it's going to be. We have a lot more space in this apartment than we thought we would. In fact, it's really roomy, compared to the last place.
I have recently picked back up on Poe's album Haunted. It's pretty good and I would recommend it highly to anyone. It's kind of weird compared to a lot of music out there, but it is also chocked full of hooks and melodies and some awesome lyrics. Maybe if everyone ran out and bought a copy of it then she would release a new one. She has been working on a new album for years and for all intents and purposes she has dropped off the face of the planet. I cannot find out any new info abour her or any new music. If anyone out there knows anything I would really appreciate knowing it. I searched all over the internet today and there was nothing to speak of and none of the fansites had anything that I could find. Anyway....
I start work on Monday at the new store. Well, it's not really the new store. For those of you out there that see me regularly, or did before I moved, this will be redundant. I have worked at this store before. I worked in this store a couple of years ago on my first failed attempt to get out of the county. As a matter of fact, I was even doing the same thing I will be doing this time. Long story short, things went south in a bad way last time for reasons that I will not get into, but I will say this much. We are not going to let that happen again. We are on it this time.
I have the most awful heartburn right now. We just had spaghetti and garlic bread and it's always gives me the most wretched heartburn. The kind that sets fire to my throat. It's awful, but I love it so before it gets to that point. Mmm, spaghetti and garlic bread. Shit.
I got an idea for a new story today, that I will undoubtedly never finish. I suppose if I set a goal to finish it before I start school in January then I will at least have the time to write something from start to finish even if I think it's awful because I wrote it in such a hurry. Now is as good a time as any. I have the whole weekend off and no money to do anything and with all the snow I wouldn't want to anyway. We'll see. I will make sure to keep you updated. Maybe someone out there to keep up on me and try to shame me into doing enough with it that when I go back to work on Monday I don't have to be embarassed that I went out on a limb like this and told everyone about something I am excited about that I never got back into after I talked about it. Did that make sense? Was that run-on sentence really as long as it looks on this screen? Is that indicative of how I write in general? Let's hope not.
I think the fucking reindeer in my profile picture is mocking me. Bastard.
Tell me again why Jack Black won't go away.
My penguin calendar is about to go out of date and I haven't found another one to replace it. "What a terrible thought."
Anyway, I think I am done with this for now.


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