Thursday, June 01, 2006

Strange Ramblings From Someone Who Shouldn't!

Here's my thing. Back in 2004 when George Bush was seeking a second term as President I noticed that out of nowhere John McCain seemed to pony up his soul and go out of his way to butter the Bush's buscuits. At the time I theorized that it could be because the Vice President was going to step off the ticket and that McCain would be in....I was wrong. Now with rumors flying that the VP may step down in 2007 after the mid-term elections I cannot help but wonder if it's not because they already have someone else in mind for his job. Maybe a senator who is currently courting the conservatives in the country for what looks like a bid for the presidency in 2008? Dumping Cheney would help Bush and while working with Bush would hurt McCain a bit, what better way to campaign for the Presidency than to do it from the Bully Pulpit of the White House. With Bush on the way out McCain could distance himself from the Bush legacy and bring some conservatives back into the fold and some liberals too. Hmm. I know how crazy this sounds, but Hell you just don't know with these bastards anymore.



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