Sunday, April 17, 2005

What The Hell Should We Look For?

Before I get into this very much I want to let those who have the issue know that they need to get over a hatred of Bono if they can. (PS-My current music of choice is "Van Lear Rose" by Loretta Lynn and produced by Jack White. This is a killer album. You should check it out. Country as it should be. Not that pop bullshit you hear now. Real country.)
I saw a commercial just the other night that made me want to check this out. I am sure that many people have seen the commercial, but it caught my eye. I have to say that personally it was Tom Hanks who caught me when he told me that he didn't want my money. You should check it out.
They want to end the AIDS crisis and world poverty. While I am not sure that they can do anything for world poverty, it would be nice for the rest of the world to give the swine in this country a run for their money. What concerns me is their hunt for help in Africa. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for not forcing our government to get involved. I know that there are more than a few of you who are thinking that we need to fix our own problems at home before we go helping the world, but damn, this is pretty big. If we had the same crisis here in America that they have on the African continent there would be Marshall fucking Law. Do any of you know the numbers? Do any of you have any idea of the severity of the issue? Goddamn. Millions. That's the number of people infected with a disease that will kill them far sooner than we are used to people dying. I am not saying that I want the entire world to live forever because I think we all know that the world is over populated and getting worse by the day, but goddamn, is genocide a solution? The Catholic Church says that we should not encourage them to use birth control (i.e. condoms) but they are fucking crazy. How the fuck could they agree with that? That is deranged. Do Catholics lock their doors? There's probably a better chance that our daughters will contract AIDS than get raped. What the fuck are you people thinking? Don't make me get into the origins of the current Christmas and that whole bag of deranged worms. Maybe you should all think about that and many other things that come in tow with it. I say that because whether anyone likes to admit it the Catholic faith, although shrinking, still has a pretty good lock on the world.
Anyway, I don't know as much about the faiths as I should. Just the fact that I can say faiths should make all of you wonder. Don't assume that because I talk the way I do that I have no faith. That would be ignorance on YOUR part. Swine. What the hell do you know about the history of your own chosen religion? You rely on your history class to tell you about the world you live in, how much do you question about your own religion? If you are devout shouldn't you know where that came from? Keep in mind that "from the bible" is a cheap answer. I refuse to accept that and if you had any objective sense of self you would too. I could spend the next 2,000 years convincing people that "The Stand" by Stephen King is scripture and I think that I could make it law. Give me a reason to believe you other than the words in that bible. I live in the age of science. Quoting scripture is like quoting Stephen King and I would no more assume his word to be the truth than yours. A batch of good ideas. (To all you bastards who want to argue that he is gory maybe you should read the books. Good always triumphs over evil. Check it out. The only side roads from here to there are things you can see on A & E everynight. The gore is based on the real world. Hell the bible has as much if not more gore than he does. Deal with it.)
The point tonight is actually not as angry as the previous text now appears to be. I am really just trying to get people to understand that there is something very wrong happening in the world. AIDS is killing a lot of people.
Botswana- 350,000- 37.3 % of the population
Central African Republic-260,000- 13.5% of the population
Lesotho- 320,000- 28.9% of the population
Malawi- 900,000- 14.2% of the population
Mozambique- 1,300,000- 12.2% of the population
Namibia- 210,000- 21.3% of the population
South Africa- 5,300,000- 21.5% of the population
Swaziland- 220,000- 38.8% of the population
Zambia- 920,000- 16.5% of the population
Zimbabwe- 1,800,000- 24.6% of the population

These are just the numbers of the people living with HIV, which is the disease that leads to AIDS. No choice there. Think about your own city or town. Think about the percentage there. Compare it. I think that should make it a lot easier. Do you want to know more about what they know about preventing AIDS? Just ask me. I could tell you things that might shock you, but probably won't.

Shan Froman

PS-I would like if the E-Train would send me some comments. I would like to know if he is still looking at this. Anonymity(sp?) is still important.

PPS- "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
Rest In Gonzo


Blogger Bald Jason said...

I have many friends who are HIV+; one actually found out he was HIV+ a few weeks ago. I have many friends who are HIV-. I have at least two that have AIDS. In my life, I've never lost anyone to AIDS, save the one neighbor of mine as a child, who wasn't related to me by blood; I basically watched him die; we all watched him die; we knew he was gay, and I believed I was seeing my future.

HIV/AIDS is not only a gay disease: some of my HIV+ friends are heterosexual; some of them are white, some of them are black, and that's just the tip of the proverbial ice berg.

For more information, I suggest visiting - good luck.

4/22/2005 5:37 AM  

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