Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What color is the news? Hell, I don't know. A Friend once told me "White is the absence of color".

I'm sitting here listening to ELO about half-stewed and considering all the possibilities I have set out before me in terms of projects. I don't what to do first, as usual. That is the reason that I will probably not get into any of them very severely. I have a tendency to pick something up and try to run with it and then lose my interest the minute I get distracted which happens often. Odd things happen to me late at night when I have been listening to the Band and ELO and things like that. Let me try for just a second though to string a few thoughts together.

I know that I said I was going to talk about the Real ID Act, but it has long since run through the congress. I think you should look it up yourselves. It's a pile. Tom DeLay is a criminal. I would explain, but Jesus God I just don't know if I have the strength to do that. What the hell could I possibly say to anyone about that shit other than that they should look the bastard up and they will learn things.

I have a question for you (if there really is a you) though. Have you ever noticed what an ejaculation of color you can find in stores these days? Have you noticed all the things you can find on T-Shirts? Phrases, pictures, pop culture references? What the hell? It's odd. I sometimes wonder if these people that I see embracing all of that wholeheartedly are doing it for fun or if they are really looking for a display of their personality that they don't have to pull up from their mind. It's not that I don't think they have a personality, I just wonder if they think it's easier to make a broad statement than to allow their personality to be formed within their circle of relations over the course of time. Does a statement to a stranger, written by a stranger, mean more than anything a person could say about themselves in a moment to anyone listening? I wonder if maybe most people need to just say what is on their mind without worrying about what might come out, even if no one is around. I mean what the Hell?!? I have met so many repressed people that it makes me sick on a daily basis just to listen to the conversations around me. I hear people piss and moan about the dumbest shit and not nearly enough people asking what it is that all we ever hear about on the news is missing white kids.
Am I the only one who has noticed other than Schizer that the only missing people we ever hear about on the news are missing white people? Hell.... I can't remember the last time I heard about a missing person of another race that wasn't a suspect in a crime in a long time. What's that about? Is it true that only white people come up missing without explanation? Is it true, and this is really just a guess because I am just writing whatever comes to mind, that whether we realize it or not we are geared toward worrying about missing white kids? I don't want to sound like a crazy here, but the other day a friend of mine was sitting with me at lunch. I said something about the missing girl in Aruba and he said that he didn't want to hear about another missing rich, white girl. That got me thinking... I couldn't and still can't recall the last time that I saw anything, obsessed about by the media, that involved a high-profile missing person of any race other than white people. There are a few things that I see as true as far as my life is concerned with other races. I know for a fact that there are poor, middle class and rich white and black people. I know that like many of those that apply I am poor, bordering on middle class with the second income in my house. I know that rich white people who come up missing get major coverage. I know that middle class white people who come up missing get major coverage. I know that poor white people who come up missing get major coverage. Is it corn rows or how black skin shows up on television that keeps them away? Do too many white people associate black people with criminals, therein making it hard to create emotion for the missing? What is it? If there really are only white people coming up missing completely unexplained then tell me. Prove it to me. I need to know something. Help me out. I really wouldn't mind knowing. Is it money? Do the sponsors not want to see missing blacks? Missing hispanics? Missing (anything other than white)? What the hell? While the congress pisses and moans about all the illegal immigrants they can't find I cannot help but wonder how many of the missing legal citizens they are ignoring.

Update 6-23-2005:I just noticed on CNN.com that the media may be giving some attention to other children now. Here's the link check this out. Let's see if this makes it to the air.


Anonymous lounge daddy said...

how is Tom Delay a criminal? i see his name tossed about in the news, but i have not seen where he really did anything illegal.

i'm being honest - maybe he is a criminal, i don't believe all republicant's are good anymore than i believe all democraps are bad

but as far as i see it right now, they have givin up creating a crime to pin on Bush and are now trying to pin crap on Delay - while at the same time trying to keep the media spotlight off DNC leader Dean's lunatic comments (i was jazzed when he was appointed his current job) and Sen Durbin's calling our troops Nazis ((comments he has not retracted and continues to stand by)

but maybe Delay broke the law - educate me

6/22/2005 8:22 PM  
Anonymous Gentle Jason said...

Here are some simple answers to not so simple questions...

People don't talk out loud anymore becuz people don't listen anymore. I don't talk to rich white girls, perhaps they are the ones getting kidnapped because they didn't get the memo that we don't talk out loud anymore...nothing louder than a tshirt, babydolls. (Marhta Stewart is the only rich white girl you'll catch me talking to.)

Oh and in my studies of the occults I found out that white people are easier to control, manipulate and con and most ritual sacrifices call for white meat.

If you don't believe me check out the roll call of your nearest secret society... ;)

7/15/2005 10:12 AM  

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