Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shit Eyes Is On The Loose or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Embrace The Doom!!!

Hello again. Sorry for the prolonged absence. School, life, work. Things get in the way. Life is a busy thing but I can deal.

By the way, a note here. Yesterday I heard some sort of confessional from some chick named Leona Lewis on the radio. Apparently she is involved in some sort of bad relationship or something like that. She is involved with someone who cuts her open all the time and someone, be it friends or family keeps trying to yank her away from it. I have to say I agree with her friends or whoever. If she is with someone who cuts her open and makes her bleed she should leave. Although I also wonder is maybe she is some sort of masochist because even though they pull her away she apparently pulls away and if she has been cut open and is bleeding in love and still has the strength to pull away then I admire her strength. When a person loses too much blood they get weaker and apparently she is still strong enough to pull away from those pulling her away to go back. I would say I admire her tenacity, but I suspect she is a filthy pervert. We'll see.

The other day I was on my way to work and realized I was following a Green Lexus. When we pulled up to a light I saw that there were two teenagers inside driving and riding. What the fucks is this? "We fucks with each other?" How the hell do two teenagers get behind the wheel of a Lexus? I know it was probably property of parents, but who lets their kid tool around in a fucking Lexus? Then again who buys a Lexus? Nevermind. I can see as I write the futility of even bothering to be horrified by this sort of thing. Look at the economic bullshit going on and all the people bitching about how they have had to cut back. Hillsdale County Michigan is suffering from one of it's worst economies, perhaps ever, and they still drive cars that burn more gasoline than most people can afford. Nevermind. It's all pretty brain damaged.

U2 has written a musical version of Spiderman?!? Are you serious with this?

"Dizz Nee Land" by Dada. There is a decent chance this is one of the most awesome songs ever. I just heard it today for the first time and I think I love it. Never heard of Dada.

I also like "Last of the English Roses" by Pete Doherty. Where the hells is American radio at these days?!? Why do I not hear these kinds of things unless I find obscure radio stations? Funny thing is most of this stuff is available on a Clear Channel station that plays alternative music here in GR. I think I hate the idea of Clear Channel, but there is nowhere else I can find the music I am finding on this station. 96.1 in Grand Rapids is awesome. Check it out. It's called The X. I'm guessing that means Generation X and I am also guessing that I am officially cloned. Oh well. One more brick in the wall, right?

One complaint...what is with the Offspring? I can never tell if what I am hearing from them is from 10 years ago or last week. I could take or leave them so it doesn't make sense to me. Then again, apparently a lot of people like them because they never seem to go away. "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" sucks though. I can't stand that song.

I love waffles.

Bob Dylan thinks Barack Obama is going to get ruined, to some degree, by Washington D.C. I think he's right. Let's hope the best though.

A liquor store in Massachusetts is offering home delivery for $5.00. Michigan, this is an idea to stimulate the economy. Think about it.

I'm almost 30 years old. Oddly enough that doesn't bother me in the least. Sure there are pangs from time to time that last about a minute or so, then I think about a time recently when I saw a couple young guys in Denny's. They were probably about 15 or so. They were so awkward. I remembered that age. I realized immediately that I would never want to be that age unless I could have all the same knowledge that I have now. There is no trade off. All or nothing. I've never understood what that was all about anyway. I guess I would have to have some sort of incredible lust for all things young and hip for the fear of aging to make any sense. Then again, I guess people are probably more worried about death. That is what aging is right? One day closer to death? Fear not. Death is no swaggering wonder to be feared and reviled. From what I understand everyone will get the chance. On the other hand I might look at youth differently if someone were going to give a Lexus to cruise around with my friends in. No. I wouldn't.

"Morality is temporary, wisdom is permanent."

There's a wookie on my bookcase. I wonder is he reads to the bird when I'm not here. I wonder if he also calls the bird a "tiny, tiny chicken"? I wonder if the bird cares. I know the bird that flew into the window and took off back to where ever it is that it lives probably cares that I'm here.

The body nazis are trying to make smoking an activity that only the super rich can do. What the hell is wrong with these people? I don't blow smoke at people and I have my own insurance. Leave me alone. It's already taxed at over 100 %......Fuck off! Refer to the section above on aging and leave us alone. Just wait until it becomes cool to tax the shit out of the things that fat people love. Imagine a bag of chips selling for $7.00. Doesn't sound right does it? The chips are bad for you. They will come up with some sort of tax based on fat content or something like that per serving. Wait and see. Then you'll wish that you had said something when they started taxing smoker's into oblivion. How about $3 20 oz. sodas. How about $25 pizzas? Think about it people. You know this isn't fair. How about we start adding extra tax to cars because they cause air pollution that chokes people? How about we start taxing people who don't excercise? I know it sound unreal, but if we are going to tax smokers for the health care costs they add to the system then who are we going to tax for the rest. Maybe old people and those with chronic illnesses? Living a long life is a choice but we pay to keep them alive with the cost of health care being passed off. Where does it stop? Daredevils will pay dearly! Oh and can you just imagine how expensive tanning is going to be? How about fast food? How about liquor? How about driving in general? How about guns? Can you imagine a $300 rifle then going for $450? I know what you're thinking. In moderation most of the fatty foods aren't as bad for you as smoking. First of all how many people really moderate there and who would say that someone who smokes in moderation is going to die as quickly as those who smoke like me? Under the same standards virtually anything you can buy in the gas station would cost you a fortune. Imagine your next stop at the gas station going from $10 to between $15 and $20! The cigarette tax may sound like good news now, but wait until they have taxed smokers into oblivion. Who's next?

That's it for now.


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