Monday, March 21, 2011

Eating You're Dead

I don’t understand what all this fuss about Unions and tax cuts and the middle class is all about. After all, if we let the large corporations take all the tax cuts at the expense of the poor and unemployed then they can then reinvest the proceeds from those tax cuts into low paying jobs like McDonalds. After all, there is only so much money. We can't all be rich. Why even try really? At the end of the day you need money to make money right? And if you don't have money then clearly it's because you have not tried hard enough. Isn't that correct my right-wing friends? It can't because the cards are stacked against most of us from the very start of the game with college educations being out of reach of most people in terms of cost and all too many caught in the cycle of poverty to begin with.
And single mothers, clearly you are that way because you did something wrong and not because all TOO many fathers are deadbeats leaving you to rot in the confines of your own life. Let's not completely forget the single fathers though. They too are stuck in the same cycle. Oh you had a baby?!? Don't you understand that in America you are on your own if you do that? Yeah, see the right wing freaks that ran this country for most of the last 30 years don't believe in teaching you all about birth control and when you do learn about it you're taught that it's a filthy habit to have. See when you took that abstinence pledge you also failed to carry contraception because you had no intention of having sex. Anyway, long story short you're stuck with that kid. See those same right-wing people who don't want you to have an abortion of use contraception also don't care about you or your child. For them "life begins at conception and end at birth."
Tax cuts for corporations encourages them to invest in the economy and that is far more important than investing in the poor and in the schools and in the towns and cities. Don't worry. Eventually things will get bad enough that we will just privatize all of the above and the same care and thought that you get from Comcast or your credit card company can be all yours at City Hall.

It used to be the case that it was a war of poor people against rich people. Class War is the term the right-wing has used for years to make you think that they were being unfairly attacked. When they won that they decided to declare war on the Middle Class and they are doing quite well. Predatory lending, deregulation and the systematic dismantling of all life as we knew it has slowly chipped away at the spines of the average American to the point that life is just a slow grind into poverty.
I will say this much, we have been all to happy to oblige them, in some cases with the spoils of credit. Too much stuff and too much debt makes for bad times.
Then there are those people who have literally used their credit to survive. They use credit cards to buy groceries and pay utilities and take out loans to buy reliable vehicles to take them back and forth to work at jobs where their health insurance and benefits get slashed every year to the point that it often becomes more of a burden to keep them than to let them go.
Try to get meaningful health care reform and we get attacked viciously by right-wing maniacs who listen to every fear drenched word that is fed to them by other maniacs who are hired by giant companies to tear down the reform before it even happens and when all is said and done we end up with watered down reform that will probably be torn to shreds by a public doesn't know or care what it does.
Manufacturing has evaporated. Once a solid post in the house that middle class built, manufacturing is now just a haze over the pyre of the American dream after giant companies again decided that it would be cheaper and more impressive to the shareholders if we pocketed all that money we were paying those uppity union folk.
How about the teachers? Fuck them. Just a bunch of lazy know nothings that stand around with their hands in their pockets collecting fat paychecks and driving around in fancy cars. Hell they only work 8 months a year. What do they need all that money for? It's not like they are having to pay anything out of their own pockets for supplies and things the school districts can no longer afford because the people won't allow them to raise their taxes.
After all, why would the people want their taxes to go up. As it stands you have to have at least two jobs in the average house just to pay the bills. If you're lucky one of them is a good job and you can afford to have cable. Big government. It's obviously just a euphemism for socialism, the big, bad scary. It takes a lot of nerve to collect taxes to provide benefits to the poor. What do the poor do anyway? You know that all those benefits are going to people who just have kids for the hell of it just to get more money from the REAL taxpayers. It's not like the minimum wage is so low that a person will only bring home around $11-12 thousands dollars a year working full time. Why would someone in a job like that not try harder. Clearly they aren't making more because they don't work hard enough. It's not like companies are still paying people the same sort of wages they were paying ten years ago. I mean come on.

Any store clerk who sees the average consumer any day might try to convince you that it's not all welfare queens and bums taking in money from the rest of hardworking folks but don't be fooled. There's no way that someone who goes to work everyday and puts in 100% won't be rewarded with a living wage. It's not like companies out there are listing people as part-time while working them full time so they can't take advantage of a benefits package they couldn't afford even if it were offered. That's where I am so thrown off by the nerve of those union people thinking that their benefits are more important than tax breaks for companies that after 30 years of trickle down economics have yet to make a meaningful contribution to the rest of the working class and, for that matter, in many cases tax revenue.
They have clearly invested that money. After all, during the Clinton years alone there were 21,000,000 jobs created. Nevermind the fact that you need to have two or three of them, per person, to get by. After all, they created those jobs from their own loins and sweat. Have you ever gripped a pen for a long time? That kind of sweat.
The reason that the middle class needs to take the cut now is because their is no money. We're broke.
Nevermind that the wealth in this country is astonishing by even the standards of King Midas. It's not a problem that only a few people have it. This is America. If we can't make more money than we aren't trying hard enough.
I know a lot of you feel short-changed and want to direct you anger. That's why there are so many lobbying groups to take advantage of your rage and harness you with lies and enemies rather than meaningful solutions to your problems. They want you to be angry, not rational. If you were rational you would know that the same people trying to talk you into fighting for the dismantling of the unions and the rest of them middle class because they are too highly are the ones that have all the money that used to be in the hands of people like you and the middle class. They want you to tear down the last walls that stand between them and the last of gold this country has too offer. After all what do you have to lose? So go on and let them tear apart the last bastions of the middle class. Help them do it and when it's all done don't let anyone tell you that this was a war between the lower class and the middle class started by the upper class. That would be silly. Like eating your own dead!


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